Christoffel Sneijders (PCC por ICF)

Why is it important to know about the 3 Brains when you coach clients especially in these times of COVID, working remotely and with daily fear and hopelessness being broadcasted?

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Coach PCC por ICF. I have a huge passion for how our mind/body/spirit connection is working and how that relates to (personal) leadership. Nowadays I am working internationally in this field, in Spain for the IE business School as visiting professor in behavioural organisational leadership, in Europe with business clients besides working in the therapeutic field as a Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist and having a recognised school in this in Australia. My interest in continuous learning, and the passion in understanding “why it works as it works” and being driving by the question “can it be solved more successfully” has been the drive for my own personal development. This journey and research lead me to the 3 Brains (Head, Heart and Gut) theory. This concept is extremely successful for create long-lasting change, for companies and individuals. To sum up: Creating an environment of integrated head, heart and gut leadership.

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How is it possible that when our clients formulate their objectives and actions plans, even when they know that they are reasonable and doable they do not consistently follow them up? How is it possible that they detour somewhere down the line or “yes, but…” steps in? Why is their subconscious blocking the things they want to achieve and more important Is there a way out of their subconscious maze? What is happening? Maybe you know that feeling…? Your Head says yes but your Heart or Gut feeling says no? How do we know on that moment we feel like changing the direction: How to decide if it is better to follow our Head, our Heart, or our Gut? And more important: how do we coach our clients on this? Especially now in these times of COVID when globally people are more influenced by anxious and depressed feelings and missing out the connection with colleagues as being forced to work remotely. What is the answer? 3 (Head, Heart and Gut) Brain Coaching! Learning the language of the Head, Heart and Gut Brain and the 5 misalignments they could have, will provide you with the insights of how your client’s 3 Brains are dealing with the topic, and more important, it will provide you the insights/techniques to work with them to achieve long lasting change.